Mohamad Ahmad Elsada, M.D.


Dr. Mohamad is the Founder and president of the board of the Bostan Diagnostic Eye Center and Rowad Correction Center for Refractive Surgery.


Since he became professor of Ophthalmology in the Cairo University, Faculty of Medicine, he became specialized in pediatric ophthalmology, dealing with all ophthalmic problems concerning genetic and hereditary diseases, glaucomas, strabismus and congenital cataract.


His organization and managerial skills has been successfully put to the test during his work as head organizer for symposia and sessions for pediatric ophthalmology in PAACO in Tunis (2003), Dubai (2005) & (2007); Head and principal organizer of First (Taba April 2004), Second (Luxor December 2005) & third (Hurghada November 2007) International Symposia in Pediatric Ophthalmology.


Dr. Mohamad was also the founder of many specialized ophthalmology units in the Cairo University Faculty of medicine and has had numerous contributions in the academic and scientific fields both nationally and internationally.


Dr. Mohamad’s continuously upgrading vision is the constant guiding light for the development and expansion of the Bostan Diagnostic Eye Center’s services and coverage.