Zeinab Saad Eldin El Sanabary, M.D.


Dr. Zeinab is the vice-founder and board member of the Bostan Diagnostisc Eye Center.


Professor of Ophthalmology in the Cairo University, faculty of medicine since 2002, Following her fellowship training in Automated Perimetry, ophthalmic Ultrasonography , Ultrasound Biomicroscopy (UBM), OCT in the USA , Germany and England, Dr. Zeinab has specialized in medical retina , Glaucoma and Investigative ophthalmology with special emphasis on Ultrasonic Biomicroscopy and OCT in glaucoma.


Her award winning researches include a national research on genetic studies of retinoblastoma in Egypt, 30 scientific patents and publications, supervision of 28 theses and essays and a number of international lectures in world renown conferences and universities including ESCRS, PAACO and MEACO.


Dr. Zeinab’s work has been awarded the National Encouragement Award in Advanced Scientific Technology in Medical Sciences in 2001.