Visual acuity assessment for preverbal infants

Our consultants are specialized in the evaluation of all visual functions for non-verbal and verbal children using the most up to date technology of “Smart System” software and screen.

For interested ophthalmologists we can also provide advice about optical, orthoptic or surgical management for strabismus patients.
BDEC also provide visual rehabilitation for children including amblyopia therapy and low vision aids.

These services in BDEC include:

  • Electrophysiolocial tests (ERG (pattern & flash), VEP (pattern, flash & sweep) and EOG)
  • Low vision aids
  • Full assessment for all visual functions:
  • Visual acuity:
    • Lea gratings (preferential looking)
    • Kay pictures (single & crowded optotypes)
    • Lea chart, E chart, Snellen chart and Landolt’s chart
  • Color vision:
    • Laminated HRR Pseudoisochromatic test
    • Ishihara test
  • Refraction and fundus:
    • Retinoscope and opthalmoscope
    • Portable autorefkeratometer
    • Retinoscopy racks
    • Portable autokeratometer
  • Stereopsis & Sensory function:
    • Worth’s 4 dot test for distance and  near
    • Bagolini glasses
    • Lang test
    • Randot test
    • TNO test
    • Frisby test
  • Strabismus assessment & measurement of deviation in all positions of gaze including horizontal, vertical and cyclic deviation using:
    • Hess screen examination
    • Prism bars
    • Awaya cyclodeviation booklet

The “Smart Vision” system is also available

  • Distance Stereo
  • Red Green
  • CrowdingInteraction Bars
  • Worth Four Dot
  • Fixation Dot
  • 3 Lines Same Size
  • Single Vertical Line
  • Optotype Pointer
  • Cycling Optotype
  • Color Blindness Screening
  • User Selectable Letters
  • User Selectable Default LinesLetters

Kindly be informed to book in advance. Visual function assessment sessions are held on the last Thursday of each month.


Information about our patients is collected in a variety of ways and for a variety of reasons (e.g. Providing care and treatment, managing and planning the center, training and educating staff, research etc.). It is stored on paper and on computerized systems.

Everyone working at the Bostan Diagnostic Eye Center has a legal duty to keep information about you confidential. Information will only ever be shared with people who have a genuine need for it (e.g. the medical staff or other professionals from whom you have been receiving care). Please be assured that we will treat your information with the highest degree of confidentiality.